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The practice of family law takes many forms. As family law attorneys in Jacksonville, we often find ourselves becoming deeply involved in our client’s cases. In fact we often must to fully understand and appreciate the pain and frustration our clients are often suffering with.

Divorce in Jacksonville Florida:

Divorce is an area of family law that we are very experienced with. We have been the divorce attorneys for men and for women. Regardless, divorce is a hard situation for anyone and brings much emotion from those involved. A divorce case can also be very complicated, and while many couples facing divorce want to be as fair and equitable to each other as possible, one should always seek the council of an experienced divorce attorney to explain the laws and rights of both spouses, how the courts view certain circumstances and what you should expect in terms of any alimony obligations and other terms that will affect you after you are divorced.

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Child Custody, Child Support and Child Visitation in Attorneys in Jacksonville Florida:

Child custody, child support, and child visitation is a very sensitive area of family law. When divorce involves children, especially young children, emotions run high. As experienced family law attorneys, we will help you fully understand the laws surrounding these aspects of divorce to assure that you are completely informed and given the information you need to make the best possible decisions for your children, and for yourself. If you are faced with the possibility of divorce where your children will be affected, find out what you need to know by speaking with the family law attorneys at McGRATH GIBSON. Our initial consultations are free and will provide you with the information you most certainly need to know.

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Alimony in short, is an amount of money that one former spouse receives from the other former spouse for a determined period of time after a divorce is final. There are many laws that govern the courts in this area of family law. The general rule is that the courts attempt to be a fair and equitable in any orders pertaining to alimony. You should speak to an attorney to protect your rights to alimony as it is a complex area of family law.

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Divorce Involving Property Distribution:

Again, most couples facing divorce wish to be as fair as possible. It is hard enough to end a relationship such as marriage. However, the distribution of personal property can be a complicated matter, especially with large estates. Numerous areas of family law can be involved and without the experience of an attorney with experience in property distribution in Jacksonville Florida, you could easily forfeit any number of your rights.

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Restraining Orders or Domestic Injunctions:

Divorce or separation, family financial matters and a host of other deeply personal family matters can sometimes boil over. Emotions can get out of hand and can result in genuine fear for one’s safety. If you are the victim of an abusive spouse or family member, sometimes a restraining order is the most logical answer. If you feel threatened or fear for the safety of yourself or your family call our family law attorneys at McGRATH GIBSON. We will help you understand the laws that have been created to protect you.

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Adoption Attorneys in Jacksonville Florida:

It’s no secret that there are numerous laws and hurdles that must be overcome in order to legally adopt a child. While these laws can seem challenging, they are by and large in the best interest of the child being adopted. If you interested in adopting a child it is advisable to have the assistance and guidance of an experienced adoption attorney to help you navigate the complicated and sometimes overwhelming processes of adoption.

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Prenuptial Agreements in Jacksonville:

While not all future couples feel that a prenuptial agreement is something to consider before they are married, some couples feel they are necessary for a variety of reasons, some personal, and some for business. regardless of your particular reasons, if you are feel that it is appropriate to have a prenuptial agreement prepared, the family law attorneys at McGRATH GIBSON are very experienced with prenuptial agreements and would be pleased to assist you with yours.

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As your family law attorney, we will help you protect your family and be there to help you and those you love with the important decisions you will be faced with from time to time, and through the difficult times when they arise. We are McGRATH GIBSON, your family law attorneys in Jacksonville. Call us and we’ll take great interest in getting to know your family and advising you on the family legal matters you are currently facing or may become involved with in the future Schedule a consultation by calling (904) 358-3300, or by inquiring here >>.

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