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Car accidents occur several times a minute in the United States. You might not think much of that fact until you or a family member becomes the victim of a negligent or irresponsible driver. Car accident victims quickly find themselves thrust into a sea of unfamiliar challenges ranging from mounds of evidence and paperwork, dealing with uncooperative insurance companies, receiving necessary medical treatment, and of course how to pay for everything, all while possibly not even being able to work. Car accident victims are never fully prepared to deal with such a frustrating and difficult situation, but we are. We help clients through this maze every day.

Lawyers for Victims of Negligent Drivers.

Know this! The person responsible for the negligent or intentional behavior that caused the car accident and your injuries will be represented by their insurance company, if they have one. And that insurance company’s top priority will be to protect their insured’s rights and control or eliminate any compensation you may be entitled to. If you expect to be adequately compensated and have your property repaired or replaced as necessary, it is in your best interest to be represented by an experienced car accident attorney. The Jacksonville car accident lawyers at McGRATH GIBSON are experts at defending car accident victim’s rights to proper compensation for loss of wages, pain and suffering due to injuries resulting from a car accident, and proper repair or replacement of your vehicle and personal property. Learn more about car accident laws in Florida >>

The car accident attorneys in Jacksonville Florida, at McGRATH GIBSON know it is almost impossible to stand alone against insurance defense lawyers. We know, because, before joining forces to protect the interests of auto accident victims, our personal injury attorneys represented large insurance companies. We know their strategies, tactics and how they often attempt to confuse or distract the courts in their attempts to defend their policy holders and themselves from liability.

Our car accident lawyers possess vast experience in investigating injury claims, helping clients obtain medical treatment, negotiating fair settlements and if necessary, are very capable trial lawyers that will not hesitate to take your case to trial should this be necessary. Our experience and known willingness to take a case to trial when necessary is extremely helpful in negotiating a settlements with insurance carriers. Insurance carriers understand a fair settlement and would much rather accept a reasonable settlement than risk a complete loss in trial.

Our car accident lawyers possess extensive experience with all types serious car accidents, including truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bus accidents, boat accidents, all-terrain vehicle accidents and pedestrian car accidents. We also have much experience in defending clients involved in hit-and-run car accidents, alcohol-related car accidents, uninsured and under insured motorist car accidents and complex insurance litigation.

The experience of a serious car accident is traumatic enough by itself, let us help you protect your rights with any necessary medical attention, personal property replacement and assure that you are properly compensated for lost wages, medical costs, temporary transportation and all other costs and losses associated to and caused by the driver who caused your accident.

Visit our Car Accident web site for more information about car accidents, the responsibility of all drivers, and the laws associated to car accidents.

Call the car accident lawyers at McGRATH GIBSON as soon as possible after your accident at (904) 358-3300. We look forward to representing you!

Been in a car accident? Here’s what to do:

You are more than likely reading this because you have had a car accident. However for those who have not, let’s cover everything.

“After” addressing any medical needs for yourself or any passengers, move your vehicle, if possible safely out of the way of traffic and again if possible, turn on your hazard lights for additional safety. And stay at the scene of the accident if injuries permit.

Call the police, 911. And report the accident.

While waiting for the police to arrive, collect as much information from the other driver and other people who witnessed the accident as possible. Write down everything; full names, addresses, and phone numbers. Get the other drivers insurance company and policy number, license plate numbers, and vehicle identification number, (look in the lower right corner of the front windshield). Write down the make and model of the other vehicle. If the other vehicle is a commercial or work vehicle, be sure to write down their company contact information as well.

Document the scene of the accident. You may be a little shaken up but this is equally important and could be key to any claims that might need to be made. Note the time of day and street names. write down the street names, the location of the accident. Use your cell phone or a camera to take photos if possible to safely. Take plenty of photos from different angles of all vehicles involved before they are moved if possible. Take photos of the street in both directions. Take photos of any skid marks and debris created by the accident. Take photos of property damage resulting from the accident. The more photos of the scene the better.

Seek medical treatment for any and all injuries. It is best not to assume you are ok. Spine and neck injuries often show up days and weeks after an accident. It is best to see a physician, even if you feel ok so that any injuries can be documented in case they further develop days after your accident. This way their is no question that the injuries were the result of the accident. Additionally, some states require accident victims to be seen by a doctor within a certain period of time in order for the injuries to be covered by the other drivers insurance. In Florida accident victims must seek medical treatment with two weeks.

With a police report created, the accident scene well documented and all other driver’s and witnesses information in hand, and after having been checked and or treated by a doctor, Contact MCGRATH GIBSON. Our car accident attorneys will help you evaluate what claims need to be made and can begin to help you receive the proper assistance from the other drivers insurance company, repair of damages to your vehicle, and of course compensation for medical bills, injuries, lost wages and other financial damages and hardships resulting from the accident.

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