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The attorneys at McGRATH GIBSON have represented many victims who have sustained serious personal injuries from bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles. Not unlike motorcycles, bicycle riders or cyclists are often not seen or respected by the operators of motor vehicles and are struck by them.

Needless to say, a cyclist is at an extreme disadvantage against any motor vehicle and in most cases will sustain severe injuries from a bicycle accident with a motor vehicle of any kind.

While cyclists most certainly possess the right to share the roadways with motor vehicles per the laws of every state, they are obviously incapable of keeping speed with the flow of traffic and are rarely afforded roadway space outside of the flow of traffic. This leads to an inherently dangerous situation and an increased possibility of a bicycle accident or being struck by a motor vehicle.

Our experience is that cyclists are very aware of this and take great care to look out for motor vehicle operators, yield to them in every instance, and when possible, stay outside of the lanes of traffic. Unfortunately this is not always possible and when cyclists attempt to share the road with motor vehicles, they are simply unable to completely protect themselves from the negligence and irresponsibility, or simple disrespect of many drivers and are thus the victims of everything from being run off the road to being run over and killed.

We’ve represented many clients that suffered serious injury after being struck by a motor vehicle while riding a bicycle. Being struck by thousands of pounds of steel almost always results in very serious injuries leaving victims faced with considerable pain and lengthy recoveries from head, neck and back injuries being the most common and unfortunately the most difficult to recover from.

If you or your loved one has been involved in an accident with a motor vehicle while riding a bicycle, contact us as soon as possible. In addition to the medical treatment you or your loved one will have most likely already received, there will be statements needed, legal claims to be filed, evidence to be collected and of course interaction with the vehicle operators insurance provider. And this is just a small example of what will be needed to properly address everything that will need to be addressed in order to assure that you receive any and all medical care you or your loved one requires, and securing the compensation you are entitled to.

Contact us to speak with our personal injury attorneys about your bicycle accident. The initial consultation is free and will help you gain a better understanding of your rights and what will be involved in protecting them.

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